Taking On A Senior Care Franchise

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Senior Care Franchise

Not interested in owning a Carpet Cleaning business? These blog posts will feature different franchise opportunities that could be the perfect fit for you. Elderly in-home care services may be more appealing to your skills and background. Luckily for you, a franchise called Seniors Helping Seniors exists!

Seniors Helping Seniors is a franchise community that offers at home assistance by seniors, for seniors. Whether it is light housework, transportation, meal prep, or more serious concerns with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or memory loss, they can help. Non-medical caregivers are matched with the appropriate senior to meet all of their needs.

Taking on a senior care franchise, can be quite the leap in your professional career. Choosing the right franchise in your area, can help lead to more business too – check out one of their franchise owners at Seniors Helping Seniors of Cabarrus & Rowan Counties, based out of North Carolina.


The Impact

Seniors Helping Seniors is based off opportunities for you to do good and help the community. This business is within a market that has been exploding in demand – seniors aged 85 and above. Did you know that is one of the fastest growing age groups in the United States?

The other great thing about choosing a franchise, is the business operations, ideas, hurdles, etc have already been thought of and successfully tackled into growth. Easy entry into your market, and a high level of support is a great way to take on your dreams of owning your own business. They have been around for almost 20 years serving the senior care field. Why not feel great about helping seniors and have a successful business? The best part about their business plan is both the caregiver and recipient benefit. Companionship is a key point in their strategy, which is easy to achieve when someone who is close to their age, and has experienced or is going through similar struggles as them can assist them daily.

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