Exhibition Displays: Three Things To Think About When Planning For A Trade Show

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Attending a big trade show or conference on behalf of your company this year? Congratulations! Trade shows are great ways to promote your product, do some networking, and get some attention for your business. However – you’ll have a lot to think about when planning out your exhibition. Here are three things to keep in mind when planning for your upcoming tradeshow.

1. Remember Your Budget

At the end of the day, your budget should always be considered. When making this big of a purchase, you’ll want to shop around and get several quotes to ensure you’ve done your due diligence before choosing a company to work with. The amount of money you have to work with will definitely factor into what kind of exhibition display you can get, but thankfully there are many types of trade show displays that can fit most budgets. It should go without saying, but in a lot of ways you get what you pay for when it comes to exhibition displays. You can find very cheap options, but they might not come with warranties, show up exactly as you envisioned, or hold up over time. Custom designed trade show exhibits generally cost the most, followed by modular exhibition displays and pop-up displays and banners. There are other things to consider beyond the cost of designing and manufacturing your exhibition display. You’ll want to keep things in mind like shipping, labor involved in setup, and other services involved in transportation.

2. How Much Space Do You Have?

Generally speaking, you’ll know how much space you have to work with well in advance of your trade show. Using this space wisely can be tricky. For instance, if you have a 10×20 space and only a 10×10 exhibition display, you might end up with lots of unused space. If you have a large booth space, a pop-up display will look small in the area, whereas things can get cramped very quickly if you’re trying to fit a large custom exhibit into a small space. Many trade show design companies offer custom and modular exhibits that are made of several separate modules. This way they can be built up with multiple pieces for larger spaces or stripped down to the core essentials in smaller areas.

3. Will You Re-Use Your Exhibition Displays?

Many people think lose sight of the future when designing exhibition displays. The design process can be exciting and you will be focused on making a big splash at your upcoming trade show. However, investing in a custom or modular exhibition display that can be reused in a multitude of spaces can pay off in the long run. If you’re attending multiple trade shows over the course of the year and into the future, having options for setup in different spaces with a modular exhibition display is a game-changer. You should work with an agency that not only assists with the design of your exhibition display, but provides a guarantee on how long it should last and a warranty in case anything goes wrong. You should also think about storing your display and how easy it is to set up and break down.