6 Reasons to Invest in Replacement Windows

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When you start thinking about all the home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to tackle, it’s natural to become stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of a mile-long to-do list staring you in the face. Instead of panicking and deciding to just ignore everything, why not start with one project that will have a hugely positive effect on your home right away: investing in replacement windows. While it’s not the simplest home improvement project you could pick, replacement windows come with so many amazing benefits that there’s no doubt that the investment is worth it.

Resell Value

When it comes time to sell your house, you’ll be so glad that you invested in replacement windows before you started to prepare your house to go on the market. Windows are a major part of your home’s facade, which is the first thing potential buyers see and make a judgment on. Having high-quality, modern windows will make your entire home look elevated and updated, which will attract buyers and get you the best offers.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing your replacement windows, make sure you’re thinking about energy efficiency. Going with double or even triple paned windows will insulate your home better and save you on energy costs each month. Low-E glass and storm windows will make your home even more energy efficient, which will lower your home’s carbon footprint. Plus, your home will be a comfortable temperature all year long without breaking the bank on energy costs. Blue Ridge Exteriors offers a wide variety of replacement windows that will help improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you money in the long run. Their range of options combined with their superior service and craftsmanship make Blue Ridge Exteriors the go-to place for Richmond replacement windows.


High-quality windows are less likely to crack due to extreme weather, and they make it harder for people to break into your home. Replacement windows will also protect your home from a wide variety of pests that would have been able to sneak in through cracks around your older windows.

Noise & Fading

High-quality replacement windows will exponentially reduce the unwanted noise entering your home. You won’t be disturbed by cars driving by, loud music, or animal noise any longer. Replacement windows can also prevent your rugs, carpets, furniture, floors, and belongings from fading due to sun exposure, which will help keep your entire home looking beautiful and new for longer.


Investing in replacement windows will up the aesthetic appeal of your home tenfold. You can stick with classic double hung windows for a timeless look or go with something more elevated and elegant like a bay window or picture window. Larger windows let in more natural light and can open up your home to make it look and feel bigger. If you’re looking for something special, check out Blue Ridge Exterior and their selection of top-of-the-line Richmond replacement windows. You’re bound to find something that you love, no matter what kind of window you’re looking for.


In the long run, investing in replacement windows is well worth the money. Windows that are made of quality materials and are installed by a trained professional will last years – possibly even decades – longer than cheaper, outdated windows. You won’t have to replace your windows as often, and you’ll actually be saving yourself money in the long run.